Speech Development Records:

Home of Scroobius Pip, Sage Francis (UK only), B Dolan (UK only), Jackamo Brown, warrenpeace & polarbear


In 2006 I (Scroobius Pip) had quit my job in HMV and had 1000 copies of my debut album "No Commercial Breaks" pressed. The label name I put on them was "Speech Development Records". They had no barcodes. I made up a catalogue number... but it wasn't registered anywhere.

THIS was the sloppy birth of Speech Development Records.

In 2011 that birth was rebooted when I released "Distraction Pieces". This time it was proper. It had a barcode. It had a catalogue number. You could buy it in shops (rather than just by emailing or bumping into me). Speech Development Records was born properly.

"Distraction Pieces" went on to do way better than I expected. Sneaking into the top 40 and generally going down in a far bigger way than I could have ever hoped for a humble little self release.

In 2012 we released our first signings in Jackamo Brown "Oh no! The Drift of the World" and polarbear "At Home with Polar". To get to release such amazing records was the most mind blowing of honors. This pride behind the records, artwork, videos and all else shone through.

In 2013 we re-issued my debut album "No Commercial Breaks" but this time with a live spoken word CD and all presented in xpecial edition pop up book packaging.

In 2014 we have releases lined up from Sage Francis, warrenpeace & B Dolan. Which frankly blows my fucking mind. Sage is one of the reasons I started writing, Dolan is one of the reasons I continue writing and warrenpeace are one of the reasons I strive to push more boundaries in the future.

This is the home of many things Im proud of.

Have a browse.

Theres a game called "Bash the Beard", theres a load of photos and theres the best webstore in the business with music I'm proud to be selling and merch from my busy little mind.

Welcome welcome welcome...


Scroobius Pip