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Words: Live at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Daaaaaaaamn I'm excited writing this...

So, as some of you will know, every year I release something on my birthday (August 3rd).

Well this year its a pretty exciting one!

I am very pleased to let you know that this year I will be releasing my Edinburgh Fringe show from last year!

I should give a little history...

Last year I was asked to come and do 19 shows at Edinburgh Fringe festival. It being primarily a comedy festival and me being a massive comedy nerd, I was pretty nervous. All the same, I put together my show and headed up there. Much to my surprise it went really really well. All 19 shows sold out and the reviews were insane!

On around the 15th show I realised that a) a lot of people who wanted to see the show, weren't going to get to and b) after 15 shows in a row...this was as tight as it was ever going to be, performance wise. So I hit up Thomas Coles (who I did every video from Introdiction onwards with) and asked him to come up and film it. We got Theo Davies who was filming at the festival to be another cameraman and... ah this is starting to get boring already isn't it?

Well, long story short... on August 3rd you will be able to see the show!

But not only that...

Basically, I LOVE DVDs. I love physical stuff (that sounds sexier than I intended). So I wanted to see if I could put together a release that could tempt people back to buying DVDs. So I went through everything I had, and I filmed a few extra things... and there will now be a 2 DVD special edition PACKED with extras!

What kind of extras you say?

How about the Legend that is Tim Key interviewing me about my first time Fringe experience?

Or maybe spoken word titans Musa Okwonga, Kate Tempest & polarbear all joining me for a pint and just chatting about whatever comes to mind for 70 minutes?

And, while we are here... how about the music videos for Introdiction, Let em Come, The Struggle and Soldier Boy?

And maybe a few spoken word videos? Sure!

Lets go all out and make this a Speech Development family affair and put every video by Jackamo Brown and warrenpeace on there too!

But here is the part I'm REALLY excited about.

I'm bringing it all STRAIGHT to you, the audience.

A few years back Louis CK decided to see if comedy could be taken back from the huge production companies who decide what will be the big stand up DVD that year and instead sell straight to their audience.

No iTunes.

No Amazon.

No Bandcamp.

No one, other than the audience and yourself.

It worked amazingly and totally revolutionized stand up. People like Aziz Ansari and Joe Rogan showed that it wasn't a one off fluke. It worked. (incidentally, i would highly recommend buying shows from all three of the comedians listed here... they're amazing).

Without percentages going here there and everywhere, the price could be driven down and down so that I can now proudly sell this show on download for just £5 and sell the 2 DVD special edition WITH a download for just £10

Which is fucking INSANE to me.

Knowing how much websites and dealerships charge its insane to realise I can actually make around the same amount...but have you guys pay WAAAAAAAY less.

Now, there IS a problem with this method. There's a whole lot of trust involved. Companies like Amazon and iTunes and the like have loads of ways of encoding and protecting the stuff they sell to make it harder to steal. You can't do that when selling directly to your audience.

So what I will ask here is simply:

If you want this, buy it from me instead of torrenting it.

And if you buy it from me... don't upload it to a torrent site.

It's that simple.

I understand why people torrent sometimes. I get it. But, when I speak to those people they tend to excuse it in their heads because they are saying "FUCK YOU" to iTunes, or to Amazon, or to "the man". Well, in this case, if you do choose to torrent it. You're saying "FUCK YOU" to every individual that worked on putting this together and trying to make it as affordable as possible!

So, yeah.

Maybe you're that guy.

But I reckon a whole lot of y'all aren't.

And I'm willing to roll the dice on that.

So if you wish to pre-order the DVD you can do so here for just £10:

DVD pre-order - click here

And, on August 3rd, if you wish to download you can do so here for just £5 (so its not REALLY a pre-order but...):

DVD Download pre-order - click here

Oh but in the wise words of Sticky Fingaz...


To celebrate this launch I am teaming up with my favourite cinema ever, The Prince Charles Cinema to do a special screening, Q&A and signing!

So on Monday August 4th (the day AFTER my birthday) I will be introducing a screening of this here show on the big screen.

That will be followed by a Q&A with myself and Thomas Coles (who, as I mentioned earlier, has worked with me on every solo, le sac vs pip, Jackamo Brown and warrenpeace video from Introdiction onwards).

We will delight in answering all your questions about and will of course stick around to sign copies of the DVD (I will try and have some with me to sell but your orders SHOULD arrive Monday morning) after the screening.

If you fancy that then you can pre-order your tickets here:

To get your cinema tickets - click here

Thats about everything I think!

If you have any questions feel free to hit me up on twitter/instagram (@scroobiuspipyo) or at

Can't wait for you all to see this.