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BIRTHDAYS, BOOKS AND BOOK TOURS (and every link you need)...

Anyone who listens to the podcast will have heard me excitedly ramble about it plenty but, this isn't JUST for those who listen.
Despite the Amazon description... this isn't simply a compilation of highlights.
It's so much more than that (to me at least).
What we have put together here is a collection of discussion on universal subjects from a wide range of minds.
So, in the "Race" section, we have thoughts from Killer Mike, Saul Williams, Akala and more.
In the "Creative Process" section we have insights from the likes of Amanda Palmer, Danny Wallace and more.
In the "Comedy & Movies" section we have Adam Buxton, Sara Pascoe, Stewart Lee, Simon Pegg and many more all spouting their knowledge and experience.
Each section also has additional thoughts from myself on it all and we round the whole thing off with a breakdown of EVERYTHING you need to know to make your own podcast; from the kit I use, to the process of getting it online and everything in-between.
I'm so so pleased with what we have created here and can't wait to share it all with you lot.

Then you add the fact it includes illustrations from the legend that is Mr Heggie...

But... How do you do a book tour of this kind of book?!
I can't really do readings and I'm not the Katie Price, queues down the high street boon signing type.

So I decided to make this personal and stick to what I know!

Previously, on the live podcast, I made you guys the guests. Not just passing a mic around but inviting you onstage to ask a question and discuss a topic, so that's what we will be doing around the country.

We kick off in London, on my birthday!

So that's the big one!

I can't wait to see as many of you there as possible.

After that I will be getting straight on the road to hit all of the below locations for similar live versions of the podcast (only London, Edinburgh & Glasgow will be recorded and released), accompanied by a signing at the end of each chat.


Wednesday 3rd August: London - Leicester Square Theatre (tickets:

Thursday 4th August: Birmingham - Waterstones (tickets:

Friday 5th August: Manchester - Waterstones Deansgate - Held at Manchester Central Library (tickets:

Saturday 6th August: Edinburgh - The Stand 3, EH1 3EP (tickets:

Monday 8th August: Glasgow - Oran Mor (tickets:

Tuesday 9th August: Liverpool -Waterstones (tickets:

Wednesday 10th August: Bristol - Rise Records (customers are advised to pre-order ‘Distraction pieces' to ensure a place

Thursday 11th August: Brighton - Waterstones (Tickets:

Friday 12th August: Stanford le Hope Library, Essex (Tickets:

These are literally all the shows we can fit in and we have tried to come within and hour or two of most places around the country.

Can't make it to any of the shows, or simply don't want to wait?
Well you can preorder the book here:

Waterstones -

Amazon -

Speech Development Records -