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Thou Shalt Do It Yourself...

10 years ago today dan le sac and I released our first ever single and it genuinely changed our lives.

Thou Shalt Always Kill was the first song we had written together, after dan had remixed a few of my solo tracks and I had rambled over a few of his.

Thanks to the support of a fanbase that went on to give us the careers we still have today and a selection of Radio DJs in John Kennedy, Rob da Bank, Zane Lowe and many more our first ever single found itself in the top 40 and getting day time airplay.

Which was kind of strange for a list poem with no real chorus over a glitchy electro beat.

For the following 10 years that track would continue to be one of a few that would be regularly referenced and seem to be warmly regarded.

And, you know what, I think its aged okay.

Over this last decade, every time something big would happen in the news we would get tweets or messages asking if we are going to do an updated version to address it.

The Brexit Edition.

The Trump Edition.

For us... that never felt right.

It was a track of its time and, whilst some parts felt depressingly relevant many years on, it always felt right for us to leave it there.

Until now.

Now, on the 10 year anniversary we have decided to clear out the loft... and give it to you lot.

WE have never been inspired to do a rewrite or update... but if YOU want one, go make one.

With our warmest blessing and approval.

Below is the link to the instrumental, free of charge.

Thou Shalt DIY

Record you version however you want and then, if you feel so inclined, fire it our way on social media (@danlesac & @scroobiuspipyo) using the hashtag #ThouShaltDIY

Thank you all SO much for the love you have shown us over the last 10 years.

When we made this silly little track in our respective bedrooms we couldn't have dreamt of all that would be ahead.

This song saw us play the UK, Europe, America and Japan.

It saw us build a fanbase all over the world that would go on to be endlessly supportive and lovely.

Its been a pretty amazing 10 years and you lot have allowed that.

Thank you for thinking for yourselves and for always killing.